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Binge on Self-Love Podcast

Binge on Self-Love is a weekly podcast hosted by me, Anci. In the podcast, I share my personal years-long battle with binge eating disorder and disordered body image, as well as tips on things I found helpful during my eating disorder recovery.

“Binge eating is a disorder I’ve struggled with – and I still struggle with to a certain extent – for years. With the Binge on Self-Love podcast, I hope to turn something so bad (binge eating) into something more positive, and go from binging on food to binging on self-love.”

Anci, the Binge on Self-Love podcast host

Although I share my experience with negative body image, eating disorders, and other battles, and I do uncover bits of my personal story, this podcast is not about me. It is about YOU – beautiful human beings who struggle, fight, grow, and evolve, every single day. I say it all the time, and I’m gonna say it again – You are enough, and recovery in any sense, is possible.

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About Binge on Self-Love

Binge on Self-Love initially started as a blog aiming to help people struggling with binge eating and no self-love. It's a project supporting all people who want to learn to accept, to encourage, and to love themselves. Self-love, being a phrase talked about so often that you're probably sick of hearing it, is one of the hardest abilities we all should adopt.

xo Anci