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It’s All About Self-Love, Isn’t It?

I believe everything starts with self-acceptance and self-love. Our self-worth, our relationships, our love life, our decisions, the way we live our lives, what people we surround ourselves with, etc.

For the most part, I’ve lived my life loathing every inch of my body and my personality. In my eyes, I was just never enough – skinny enough, lean enough, strong enough, smart enough, pretty enough, successful enough.

After a years-long battle with binge eating disorder and negative body image, I’ve decided to launch the Binge on Self-Love podcast – a safe space for anyone struggling with negative body image and self-acceptance to support each other on our journey to a healthier and happier self. Join me every Tuesday and listen to the Binge on Self-Love podcast on your favorite podcasting platform.

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Binge on Self-Love podcast
Binge on Self-Love podcast
Binge on Self-Love podcast


You Can Call Me Anci

Hi, my name is Anna, but you can call me Anci. I’m a 20-something woman on a journey to self-acceptance, happiness, and mental & physical health.

When I was 17, I’ve developed anorexia nervosa, and two years later, I fell into a years-long battle with binge eating disorder. Somewhere in the midst of binging, loathing myself, and letting all good things in life slip away regularly, I figured the only way out of this long-lost battle is to accept myself with no conditions – my body, my appearance, and my personality.

Join me on my journey to a happier and healthier self.


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Binge on Self-Love podcast


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